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Standing within a splendid plot covering 2 square miles, House in the Forest is very spacious, light, and cool. Built on a slope, it has different levels of views into the mountains and lake, creating a close connection between the surrounding environment and the house’s inhabitants. Designed to adapt to the gorgeous natural environment, it has two pavilions housing public and private areas, and a third space with a tranquil outdoor pool that seems to blend with the lake.

Because temperatures in Valle de Bravo can get very high during the summer, Parque Humano built the house on top of a stonewall and dressed it with baked clay tiles. Locally-sourced stone and woodwere used for the interior, which is naturally-litted by big windows that bring nature in. Intimately in contact with the outdoors, House in the Forest features cute cutout details that allow trees to grow freely and provide much needed cool shades. Designed with minimun impact and maximun respect, House in the Forest seems to be floating above the garden.

+ Parque Humano

Photo © Parque Humano / Paúl Rivera

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