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The concrete and glass structure of the Case Inlet Retreat is delicately brushed with weathered cedar cladding and an ipe deck, which softens the modern tones of the design. The balance is simple, clean, and rugged at the same time. The clients had been looking for a low maintenance cabin that could be a welcoming weekend-warrior sanctuary from the city. In an era where unnecessary frills and ornamentation not only means your pockets thin a little but also the environment hurts more, MW Works was able to let the materials of the retreat speak for themselves in a more sophisticated way.

The interiors also blend so well with the natural landscape around the retreat that it begins to pose the question: ‘where do the indoors end and outdoors begin’? Natural daylighting and passive ventilation flood the living areas of the home, while some of the most private spaces such as the shower also open completely to the Puget Sound. This energy-efficient and fun design method provides for some of the most romantic spaces in the entire retreat. Who wouldn’t want to take a bath in the Case Inlet Retreat tub while natural light filters in from a crack in the ceiling above?

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Images © Jerry Bitterman