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The designers wanted to create a complex, dynamic gazebo that wouldn’t detract from the existing site. It was not only important to them that the helical structure fit in with nature instead of attempting to dominate it (something that is achieved by keeping the exterior color neutral so that the garden’s spring and autumn colors continue to take center stage) but also that the self-supporting structure could be enjoyed year round.

Constructed from 14 planes of larch timber, which is native to the boreal forests of Russia and widely considered a superior building material given its strength the durability, the gazebo is wrapped in such a way that neither the wind nor the rain can ruin anybody’s fun – regardless of the season. A dining area that is perfect for entertaining guests takes up one half of the inside space, while on the other side there is a black-painted brick and steel barbecue used for cooking.

Although this light, breezy gazebo is built to last, it can easily be disassembled for use elsewhere. Like this Hanging Parasite Office featured previously on Inhabitat, we absolutely love Za Bor’s work and the idea that sustainable, green design has a chance to enter the Russian mainstream thanks to a little reality TV!

+ Za Bor Architects

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