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The Dutch House was an experiment in what Denieuwegeneratie refers to as both sustainable hardware and software. Sustainable hardware consists of locally-sourced lark timber used to frame the ample facade that allows residents to peer out into the woods, unfinished concrete that was necessary to retain the mountain, and a canopy that regulates sunshine year-round.

Sustainable software installed by Arup in Amsterdam consists of the photovoltaic panels that power the home, LED lighting that reduces overall energy consumption (bolstering the effect of the earth home’s insulating properties), and a wood pellet used to keep the home warm during wicked winters. CO2 monitored ventilation ensures that the barest amount of energy is consumed to keep air quality high and a greywater circuit allows this family to keep their water footprint low as well.

There is much more to say about this extraordinary home, which showcases bedrooms decked out to suit quirky individual tastes. Part of the home has a cave-like feel, though slits in the mountain permit daylighting, while the living areas are open and vast – like the forest beyond. All in all, if this is an experiment, sign us up for the next round of tests!

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