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Emerging Objects and Bold Machines fabricated the 121-square-foot Star Lounge using a ‘BotFarm’ that comprised over 100 3D printers. Each printer could 3D print two blocks without support material in just over an hour. The designers created 28 different block types; each type was printed a different translucent color for easy identification. Every block also had a number printed on its interior surface to make the assembly easier. The designers riveted the blocks together to form the Star Lounge’s doubly curved dome structure and its playful decorative patterns.

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“The ability to create lightweight structures with affordable desktop printers is a game changer for making architecture and interiors,” said Emerging Objects co-Founder, Virginia San Fratello. The Emerging Object team—Ronald Rael, Virginia San Fratello, and Mona Ghandi—designed the structure in their Oakland studio. Bold Machines printed and assembled the Star Lounge in their Brooklyn headquarters.

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