Sometimes all we need is a little bit of skin refreshment to get through the day. The goal of IsFrom is to make products that boost your skin’s vitality as well as your mood. 

Four products by IsFrom in blue, green, red, and yellow

IsFrom’s line of skin oils and mists is intended to moisturize and create glowing skin. It primarily sells two types of products. 

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Greenery oils at the beach

The first is a three-blend oil. It is available in four vibrant colors, each with its own scent. First, Bright Rosy is red with a rose scent. Then, Coooly is a cool blue color with a lavender scent. Next, Golden is a rich yellow with strong notes of neroli. And lastly, Greenery offers a bold green tone with a scent of bergamot.

IsFrom packaging in a glass bottle

These oils are applied following washing and toning of the skin. To use, place a few drops of oil on your palm. Then lightly rub your hands together and inhale the aroma before lightly tapping your hands to your face. Each product is available in a 1.01-ounce bottle, as well as a combo pack of mini bottles. 

IsFrom moisturizer in a clear glass bottle

The second primary product is the Trap Water mister. Any of the four three-blend oils can be combined with water, creating a fine, refreshing facial mist that can be used any time of day. 

Greenery oils in a smaller packaging

All IsFrom products are also made without artificial colors or scents. The company is very transparent with a full listing of ingredients on each product. Some of the natural plant ingredients include extracts from turmeric, prickly pear, eggplant, cauliflower, and dog rose. Many oils are also on the list, with the primary base coming from Oryza Sativa (Rice) bran oil.

Many mini glass bottles of IsFrom oils

Further, IsFrom products are vegan and cruelty-free. As the company says, they are “against unethical animal testing” and rely on a “vegan formula in place of animal-related components. Keeping your skin and mind at ease.”

Oils and moisturizer on the beach and with a sunset

In addition to the goal of balancing the skin, IsFrom aims to stabilize the mind through calming aromas.

The company also prioritizes clean packaging, relying on recycled paper and shipping boxes.

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