Now you can be a graffiti writer, all while cleaning up your neighborhood! Dubbed the Grime Writer, this cool pen activates not with permanent ink, but with soapy water, creating clean lines as you doodle over dirty windows, cars and signs.

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Reverse graffiti writers have enlivened surfaces around the world by creating drawings, not with ink or paint, but by strategically cleaning extremely dirty surfaces to reveal figurative lines. Also called “negative graffiti”, the resulting drawings and writings are not only environmentally conscious and safe, but completely temporary.

Like any fat marker, Grimer Writer is capped with a big spongey tip. The body of the pen can be filled with your own soapy water, making the pen reusable. When you’ve written too much and the sponge gets dirty, renewing the tip is as simple as washing it with the same soap and water you used to fill the pen.

While Grime Writer lets you add your embellishments to dirty surfaces around your neighborhood without vandalizing your community, it more importantly brings much needed attention to areas that need to be cleaned up. Rather than defacing property, Grime Writer transforms the act of graffiti into a service that initiates a conversation about the community.

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