Urban beekeeping has never been easier than with the sporty Beehaus. Resembling a picnic cooler, the easily maintainable hive is actually two hives in one, with two entrances that accommodate 22 separate frames. Made for city roof tops or gardens, the Beehaus is designed to not only protect beekeepers, but also to protect bees from the elements, as well as from wasps and other pests that threaten the health of the hive.

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With bee populations dwindling and colony collapse a real problem across the globe, more and more urban beekeepers are taking matters into their own hands, sustainably raising their own bees in their yards and on their rooftops. The modern Beehaus is perfect for either scenario, as it is a secure, design savvy, and takes up little space.

The deep frames allow the entire colony to live in a single brood box, making it easier to inspect the bees to make sure they are thriving.  Twice the size of a standard urban hive,  the larger size lets the queen lay even more eggs, expanding the colony quickly.

Once the colony has expanded, beekeepers can choose to keep one big colony, or divide the hive into two. If separating into two hives, the Beehaus’ two separate entrances can be used as each side’s exclusive entrance, without disrupting the harmony of each hive. A wasp guard can also be placed on each entrance, or be turned around to completely close off the entrance when transporting bees. Inside, the Beehaus has triple insulation, for keeping bees comfortable in all weather, as well as a mesh floor for keeping air circulation flowing.

The Beehaus is an innovative and easy solution for urban beekeeping, making raising your own honey easy and attainable even in the busiest city.

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