Beekeeping practices have gone urban, with a family-friendly option in the newly-developed B-box. Available via the current Indiegogo campaign, B-box might be the answer to the question of how to fix the dramatic decline in bee populations over recent years. Now everyone can be part of the solution with a hive that works for any beekeeper, even those living in an urban apartment.

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Beekeeping practices have been around for generations. The age-old art of smoking out bees while wearing protective clothing is a more bee-friendly option than the original hive-killing practice of knocking the hive out of a tree to retrieve the honey. Although the backyard bee boxes are great if you have plenty of open space, the number of people who have the ideal property has been limited, until now. 

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The B-box, by Italian company beeing, offers several benefits over traditional boxes. The structure is made of wood, with a removable panel that allows you to view the bees at work any time you want. This method is easier and safer than lifting the lid on a regular hive. Plus, it is not disruptive to the colony.

The bee chimney where the bees come can go sits over seven feet off the ground, allowing the bees access without putting handlers at risk. 

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the design is the honeycomb collection compartment. The system encourages the bees to leave the area with the pull of a lever and doesn’t let them back in. The honey is then harvested by removing honeycomb frames without the use of smoke or specialized gear. The frames are much smaller than traditional versions so you can remove one at a time and collect the honey without impacting the bees.

The hive is also customizable with a variety of options regarding how to set it up. It is suitable for any space, even a balcony, with base dimensions measuring 67×47 cm or 27×19 inches.

The B-box is production ready and beeing is currently accepting pre-orders via the Indiegogo campaign, which closes in a few weeks, and the first shipments are expected in November.

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