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Milkovisch was born during the Depression, so was taught at a young age to always reuse and repurpose whatever was brought into the house. Saving old cans in the attic, he got the idea to repurpose them into aluminum siding, painstakingly cutting and flattening each can by hand. The hand crafted nature of the project inspired Milkovisch to design even more pieces throughout the home, made from the empty cans of beer he would drink in the afternoons with his wife.

Starting in 1968, Milkovisch started on the exterior of the Beer Can house, making a metal canopy that was adorned with strings of beer can tops, each piece glittering like garlands in the sunlight. Beer bottles were repurposed into walls, casting colored shadows like stained glass. Stacks of bottles were also repurposed into fences, and broken bottles became mosaic material.

The upcycled landmark welcomes visitors each weekend from 12pm – 5pm.

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