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Belarus’ display intends to highlight the republic’s engagement in the fight against hunger through environmentally friendly methods. Placing the importance of nature conservation and preserving air and water quality as top priorities is the name of the game at this pavilion. “The Wheel of Life” theme is embodied by the striking shape of the wooden wheel structure atop a hillside of green, which conveys an emphasis on biodiversity in agricultural practices. Through this objective, the people of Belarus can thrive and ensure “food security” for future generations. The wheel cutting through the hills, as would a stream or river, is appreciated as a symbolic nod to the availability of natural energy resources and the importance of conservation.

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Inside the pavilion there are spaces devoted to providing educational seminars on up-and-coming scientific practices and interactive presentations of such. Rousing artistic and folk music performances also enhance the inviting atmosphere and local foods can be sampled at the refreshment area.

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Images via Mike Chino for Inhabitat