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The photographer’s work aims to present viewers with something that requires more than just one look to understand. While the locations he shoots are familiar to most people, the tilt-shift effect infuses them with a make believe aspect that requires further investigation. “I have found that the viewer will look at a scene that is perhaps very familiar with fresh eyes and often with nostalgia and a sense of exploration and fun,” explained Thomas in an interview with FastCoCreate.

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Thomas uses a Canon 5D Mark III DSLR, which is normally fitted with one of the three tilt-shift lenses that he has to choose from. While he used some post-production tricks in Photoshop early on, he has since decided to focus on getting the perfect shot the first time around. “I might still do some color correction in post on Photoshop, but for the last two years or so now, I’ve been at that point where I’m only using the lenses,” explains Thomas.

Even though Thomas has captured images of New York, London, San Francisco, Paris, and Melbourne, it seems he has developed something of an affinity for the Japanese capital. “I’ve been to Japan five times now, and every time I leave there, I just want to come back to shoot more. The way that one city moves into the next so seamlessly and the culture of the people there and this amazing aesthetic you just don’t get anywhere else.”

Make sure to check out the book Tiny Tokyo: The Big City Made Mini for a look at even more amazing shots.

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Images by Ben Thomas

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