So we know MIO’s Bendant chandelier has been around for a while, but like all good things, it’s worth revisiting—especially now, when embracing well designed, American-made products is more important than ever. The idea behind this pendant lamp, which comes flat-packed and ready to customize, is simple: leaf-like petals surround a central fixture and can be moved and arranged to suit individual tastes and lighting strategies—fan the petals out completely for maximum illumination, or stagger for more shade.

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The concept behind the Bendant lamp is straight up genius. By intelligently redesigning an everyday product to minimize processing and materials (and therefore waste), MIO has created an interactive and original piece of home décor that can be endlessly reinvented. And because the Bendant is made from powder-coated steel, it’s also recyclable. No gimmicks. No pandering to trends. Just proof that good, truly efficient design will never go out of style.

+ MIO Bendant Chandelier