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Challand sought an innovative office furniture design that would move away from the traditional, and often stifling, design of the mundane cubicle. Keeping needed elements like wall partitions, storage drawers, shelving and desk space, the designer created Fold Yard – part furniture, part sculpture that turns the cubicle into a letter of the alphabet.

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From the office, the pieces simply look like oblong and odd shaped furniture, but from above each can be seen as an individual letter. For an extra laugh, the units can also be arranged to spell out specific words. The resulting collection is not only fun, but arranges employees in more social configurations. Rather than being blocked by a cubicle wall, Fold yard encourages comingling and coworking, a more modern (and healthy?) approach to the office.

With typography as inspiration, the office modules can take on unorthodox shapes, like shared circular spaces (O), sharply angled private cubicles (A), a divided space with a smaller desk area perfect for an intern (F), and of course a more traditional L shape common in office already. Fold Yard brings a playful atmosphere to any office, while also paying tribute to the power of the word.

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