As our number of personal smart devices grows, it seems we’ve begun to carry around a personal home office everywhere we go – laptop, cell phone, iPod – all jangling around in our bags. Hoping to streamline this mish mash of electronics, designer René Lee has designed a product which just won the Fujitsu Design Award – the solar-powered Bento system. Just like the Japanese lunchbox by the same name, the Bento  unifies and compartmentalizes all of your gadgets from your laptop to your tablet and smartphone.

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Similar in size to a Macbook Pro,  the Bento networks all the devices together, with a 15” OLED screen laptop at its base. The 11 inch iPad like tablet and 4 inch phone fit in shallow compartments, for charging and storing. When docked, they work with the entire system, but when charged, they can be used wirelessly or independently.  A hard drive also joins the other devices. The three devices together can also be networked and function as a multiple screen system, meaning each could be used for different purposes at once. The three devices also easily share data, transferring one file to the next just by networking.

In terms of sustainability,  Lee has the system running on a solar powered lithium-ion battery that charges the whole thing. Furthermore, and unlike a Mac, the Bento can be upgraded without buying an entirely new device. Lee’s Bento is a practical solution to our ever increasing dependent on personal smart devices, with respect to energy and economic efficiency.

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