Folding bikes keep getting smaller and more technically advanced, and with Spring and Summer on their way we’re excited about the Bergmönch, a bike that can be folded up and worn as a rucksack! Perfect for camping, hiking, and anyone who appreciates a speedy downhill descent, the backpack converts into a beautifully engineered bike capable of conquering roads and rough trails alike.

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The Bergmönch weighs in at 9.5kg and its ingenious design features a telescoping framework that converts into a downhill bike in just 2 minutes. It also features a storage compartment capable of carrying up to 12 liters of supplies, and a helmet net encourages you to bring one along, which is probably a good idea since barreling down a mountain on one of these may get dicey real quick. Fortunately, brakes are included as well.

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Via NotCot

Bergmönch from Thomas Kaiser on Vimeo.