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Some of Roller’s more “out there” pieces are based on reducing items to their shape, and reconsidering how those shapes might be used. He crafted a makeshift slingshot from a gingham bra, suggesting that the cups could be used to launch two green apples positioned nearby. A discarded toothbrush adopts a new function for a clock that needed a hand.

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In each of his pieces, Roller has carefully considered all elements of the composition. It’s not only a question of whether the items fit together, but also of what they might say when they do. He molds cooked spaghetti into the shape of a hand gun, for instance, and then adorns it with bright red tomato sauce—suggestive of the blood a gun is capable of spilling. Should this be considered as a statement piece? If so, what does it say? It has a very “leave the gun, take the cannoli” kind of air, if you ask me.

Roller’s sometimes-edible collage works are nothing if not unique. That said, you can purchase prints. He sells them through his website.

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