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Operating on a low budget, Larsen decided to use the open industrial plan as a theme, and focus on a few key custom pieces to give the space unique character. The concrete walls, floor, and exposed iron beams were left to create a blank canvas that would not detract from the clothing on display. Walls were repainted white to reflect the plentiful light from the factory-style windows.

Larsen built custom window seat benches in the window bays to accommodate visitors. The same benches are emulated in a long custom multi-use piece that runs the length of the room. The surface of the piece alters between a hardwood display area and cushioned sitting area covered with soft brown leather. The custom piece also has hidden display drawers below, which can hold sneakers and even more items by simply extending the display area manually. Larsen also created varying display surfaces, allowing the showroom owners to arrange their displays in different ways over time, using wooden boxes that can be stacked or joined together to create a continuous surface.

Evoking a Sherlock Holmes novel, one white wall swings open, revealing a hidden back room. The wall is sectioned into a grid, displaying sneakers and magazines, but could easily be stacked with books.

Larsen’s custom pieces allow K-MB to have an open, yet versatile showroom that can be rearranged again and again, even on a tight budget.

+ Sigurd Larsen

+ K-MB Creative Network

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