Several years ago Inhabitat visited Berlin’s abandoned Kulturpark – and the overgrown amusement park can now be yours for the modest sum of 1.62 million Euros! The former Spreepark has been abandoned since 2002, and it includes an assortment of broken down vintage rides. Interested buyers can now bid to purchase the park on eBay.

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The desolate Kulturpark is located on the outskirts of Berlin in a popular leisure area along the river. In the 12 years since it was abandoned, nature has taken over. Plants and trees climb the bumper car galley, the log flume pools have been taken over by algae, and thick vines encase the park’s tram tracks. Most of the dinosaur sculptures that flank the park have been vandalized, while many lay on their sides, still mid-roar.

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Until recently, the park could only be explored by the adventurous who were willing to break in. But in 2012, it briefly opened to the public for tours. The retired train that used to bring visitors from one area of the park to another were revived, and they ran tours of the overgrowth for two Euros a pop.

The amusement park was built by the Communist East German government in 1969 and then sold to the Witte family after the Wall came down in 1989. The family was then involved in a scandal smuggling cocaine to Peru in The Magic Carpet ride. Once the Witter patriarch was apprehended, the park became disused and eventually abandoned.

Now the park can be yours- but do note that the law requires the space to be used as an amusement park until 2061.

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