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Lang began taking aerial photos when he realized that not many people were photographing the things he wanted to see. So he went up in an ultralight plane and hung outside of it to capture birds-eye views. He’s photographed the German Alps, beaches, pools, the ocean, offshore wind farms and more. One of his recent flights took him above the Port of Bremerhaven in Northern Germany, which is the 16th largest container port in the world and the 4th largest in Europe. It exports and imports 1,350,000 cars every year as well as millions of containers.

To put it simply, the port is huge – and the amount of stuff is mind-blowing albeit fascinating when seen from above. As Lang told Fast Co Exist, “The message might be to show the impact of human beings on the natural environment. On the other side, the birds-eye view reveals that we are just small creatures, not as important as we think we are.” Lang plans to continue photographing scenes from above that call us to reflect on our impact.

Via Fast Co Exist

Images ©Bernhard Lang