Is your fusty old furniture in need of a makeover? Then check out Bernotat & Co‘s brilliant line of “Chair Wear”, which transforms disused furniture into colorful, modern pieces. Unveiled at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair, the custom-made “wardrobe” adds style, comfort and versatility to staid furnishings.

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You have that favorite outfit that makes a bold statement, and now your chair can do the same. Bernotat’s collection ranges from cuddly woven sweaters to bright puffy bubbles, conservative quilted covers, and meshy soft slips. Each one is meant to quickly transform an ordinary chair into an artistic statement – while also adding cushioning and padding.

Conceived by Anke Bernotat and Jan Jacob Borstlap, Chair Wear is especially great for new homeowners, as it offers the look of a high-design home, when you’re really on a thrift store budget. The pieces harmonize with vintage, new and classic chairs, creating a dialogue between old and new.

The collection is easy to use and care for, and it gives you the option of easily changing your interior anytime you want! Chair Wear was unveiled with a limited edition of Bernotat’s Trienniel Chair for the Milan Furniture Fair.

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