Ever longed for a shelving unit that can fold into different sizes and shapes? I know I have ? especially when in the process of moving, redecorating, or dealing with oddly shaped rooms. Happily, French designer Bertrand Pincemin has come up with a transforming shelf that can fold into a whole host of shapes, depending on your room, your mood and what you are planning to store.

In its smallest form, with all boxes stacked inside one another, Pincemin’s Articulated Shelf makes a cute bedside table. In it’s elongated form (arranged either horizontally or vertically) it makes a great bookshelf. You can even fold it into an irregular, asymmetrical shape (shown above) you are looking for a sculptural “objet d’art” instead of regular old storage. The anodized aluminum shelf with rotating pivot joints can be fixed to a wall, and can easily bend around corners and curved walls.

Bertrand Pincemin’s work was recently on display at the Salone Satellite Fair in Milan

+ Bertrand Pincemin