It’s garden planting time: have you thought about how to plan your garden for good luck? While some traditional cultures have had lucky plants for millennia, others of us are just catching on to how wonderful it can be to plant a garden around a good luck theme.

A lucky flower in your garden may not change your fate, but studies have found that 69% of Americans say the sight and smell of flowers improves their mood. According to the Chinese traditional art of feng shui, certain flowers can even bring you good luck.

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The luck experts over at PA Casino wanted to know if traditional lucky flowers might actually coincide with the most popular flowers. They scraped millions of hashtags on flowers from Instagram to discover the top 10 most popular plants and flowers to bring you good luck.

Top 10 most popular houseplants to bring you luck

RankHouseplantArea of luckNo of Instagram hashtags
1OrchidFamily & relationships11,152,071
2Aloe VeraHealing & protection5,017,188
3Anthurium  (Laceleaf / Flamingo Flower)Love & relationships1,496,225
4Pitcher Plant (Nepenthes)Wealth & prosperity902,858
5Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia)Freedom815,111
6Citrus TreeWealth & prosperity803,934
7Desert Rose (Adenium Obesum)Wealth & prosperity735,281
8Snake Plant (Sanseveria Laurentii)Positive energy564,583
9BromeliadGood fortune550,083
10Prayer Plant (Maranta)Gratitude548,402
Source: PA Casino

What can we conclude from this list of popular lucky flowers? Orchids outpace all other plants by at least double, making them by far the most popular lucky flower to have in your home. Orchids have had over 11 million Instagram hashtags. PA Casino says that according to feng shui, the color of orchids you place in your home as an impact on what kind of luck they bring: pink orchids in the bedroom to attract the perfect partner, or purple orchids by a window for career and business fortune.

Aloe vera is the second most popular plant to bring luck to your home, and if you’re in a warm climate you can grow this outside. Aloe has antioxidant and antibacterial properties, and is a popular remedy for sunburn and inflammation of the skin. So, maybe when you think about bringing good luck into your garden and home, what you’re really looking for is wellness, whether attracted or at the ready. Feng shui recommends keeping aloe vera within three feet of your computer to filter EMF energy and bring positive energy to your workplace.

Ward off the unlucky vibes

So how do you keep the bad vibes out of the garden? Besides good weeding and spray-free organic gardening practices, you can also plant flowers that are known to ward off bad luck instead of attract good. You can see this on a practical level with marigolds, which are known to repel pesky insects from your garden. We planted a mix of regular and French marigolds in our fenced garden last year and had significantly less pest pressure. If you want to ward off bad vibes, anthuriums or laceleaf/flamingo flower is said to bring luck in love and relationships, and ward off bad luck when you place them in a southwest position in your home or property.

Top 10 most popular flowers to bring you luck

RankHouseplantArea of luckNo of Instagram hashtags
1RoseGood luck & healing energy82,530,661
2SunflowerGood luck16,892,925
3TulipGood luck & love12,747,830
4LavenderGood fortune & harmony8,731,426
5LiliesPositive energy5,830,967
6MagnoliaGood fortune & prosperity4,142,825
7PeoniesFertility & prosperity3,746,224
8HibiscusPositive energy3,431,428
9EucalyptusGood fortune2,044,600
10CarnationGood fortune1,232,402
Source: PA Casino

Roses remain the perennial favorite for their beautiful appearance and scent and their romantic good luck charm and healing energy. If you plant roses in your garden or place them in your home, consider the color and the branching pattern of the plant you are purchasing. Some roses climb trellises, while others bloom on short bushes.

Sunflowers are also enduringly popular for their sunny cheerful vibes. These summer blooms are said to bring good luck and positivity to your home, and it’s not hard to see why. Place a huge bowl of sunflowers on your dining room table and try not to smile.

Finally, we have tulips as the third most popular flower, with just under 13 million Instagram hashtags. Tulips can be adjusted like roses with color and style to bring different aspects of luck to your home. Try them in different colors in your gardens, or branch out and buy some fringed parrot style tulips for a real high-end treat in your garden or in a cut bouquet.

With so many flowers and houseplants to choose from, where will you start creating your good luck garden?

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