In contrast to our most trafficked posts of 2005, here are our personal favorites from 2005:

1. Floating Homes (Jill)
2. Greenroofs (Sarah)
3. Loveshack (Nicki & Kyle)
4. Skyscraper Farming (Gretchen)
5. Lovetann Modular House (Evelyn)
6. PARANS Sunlight Transportation Device (Jill)
7. Sunlight Table (Sarah)
8. Expanding Table (Evelyn)
9. All of the HOW-TOs (Jill)
10. Scrapile Interview (Sarah)

Runners up on for this list include:

Retreat House
Zen SInk
Looolo Sustainable Textiles
Herman Miller Honey
Flatpak House
Transglass Recycled Glassware

Let us know if there are any other great ones that we’ve forgotten about!