Bart Bettencourt has been making beautiful repurposed wood furniture with Scrapile for years, but you may not know that he also owns Bettencourt Green Building Supplies, which is an excellent source for environmentally-sound building material solutions. Based in Brooklyn and with warehouses in Massachusetts and Virginia, they’re a great go-to source for the construction and design industries as well as sustainably-minded homeowners.

For raw sheet products, the options are varied and include bamboo plywoods, coconut palm plywood, and agricultural waste fiberboards made from sorghum, sunflower seed husks, and wheat. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, thinking about painting and worried about indoor air quality, or sourcing basic materials for a building project, Bettencourt has done the research for you. These days, waste sunflower seeds make a far more beautiful and exotic addition to a room than teak or mahogany.

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