Better Place
has finally announced a pricing plan for its cars at its first European retail station in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company has teamed up with Renault for the venture. We’ve been following the innovative startup, which offers the opportunity to swap your battery when it’s run out of power for some time now, and we’re glad to see that they’ve got their pricing in place.

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For those interested in regular charging facilities, Better Place will also give you the option of charging your car at one of its rapid-chargers. While charging your car to about 80 percent capacity can take about 15-30 minutes on one of those chargers, the battery swap takes only a minute, according to company officials.

Renault’s five-seat Fluence ZE was recently launched in collaboration with Better Place. When customers buy the car, which costs the equivalent of $38,453 in Denmark, they can opt to pay an additional $1,875 for a private charging station. A monthly subscription to Better Place will cost $278 to $588, additionally.

While that seems high compared with U.S. gasoline prices, the company says drivers in Denmark currently pay about $8.32 a gallon for gasoline to begin with, making the EV charging prices more equivalent. Better Place already has functional operations in Israel and is hoping to eventually grow worldwide.

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