Over a year ago, Beyoncé and Jay Z spent 22 days on a strict plant-based diet, in an effort to undergo physical and spiritual cleansing. Now, Beyoncé has announced her continued partnership with the trainer behind the cleanse, Marco Borges. They are launching a vegan meal delivery service under the 22 Days Nutrition brand to help share the wonders of whole foods with anyone with a credit card. However, the meals don’t come with a guarantee that you’ll end up looking like Beyoncé.

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Nutrition expert and trainer Marco Borges is the man behind 22 Days Nutrition, which already had a line of plant-based nutrition bars and protein powders on the market prior to the famous couple’s challenge. After completing the cleanse in late 2013, it’s not really clear how much the couple maintained their vegan diets. Despite that, Beyoncé claims the plant-based experiment made a huge impact on her life, and she credited it with giving her the drool-worthy curves she showed off during her sexy performance at the 2014 Grammy Awards.

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In just about the trendiest move in the health food revolution to date, the meal deliveries from 22 Days Nutrition probably is the next best thing to having a personal chef. The prepared meals will be fresh, not frozen, and delivered to customers’ doorsteps in a cooler. The vegan meal delivery service will provide 100 percent organic foods that are free from dairy, gluten, and soy. They’ll delivery anywhere in the continental United States.

The 22 Days Nutrition meal delivery is not exactly a budget-friendly option for healthier eating. The service has a variety of packages, depending on the number of meals per day a customer would like to receive and the duration of the commitment. The price can be as low as $9.24 per meal if you sign up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 22 days, which totals a whopping $609.84 for just over three weeks of food for one person, not including snacks or shipping. If you select one meal a day (making it your lunch or dinner), the price per meal could be as high as $15.68 if you go with the smallest package (5 days). That’s still a ton less than a personal chef would typically run, but a lot more expensive than groceries for those who are willing to cook their own meals.

Given the figures, this is a diet plan that could make you and your wallet pretty thin. The vegan meal service is now accepting new orders with a debut delivery date of February 13.

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