Imagine the future: flying cars, tele-transportation and meatless chicken so good that you can’t tell the difference. Well, part of that future is here today. Beyond Meat, a developer of plant protein products, has created a meat-free chicken so real that even the pickiest palette can’t tell the difference.

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We all know that eating less meat is good for our bodies and good for the planet, but finding a tasty meat alternative can be a challenge. However, all that’s about to change. Beyond Meat soy-based chicken has stood up to taste test after taste test and has been described by meat lovers and vegetarians alike as the best chicken meat-alternative out there.

Christopher Isaac Stone, co-founder of Twitter and a long-time vegan, said: “This has a very realistic, meaty, delicious quality.” And Slate writer Farhad Manjoo commented that “these fake chicken strips break on your teeth, the way they initially resist and then yield to your chew, the faint fatty residue they leave on your palate and your tongue—something about the whole experience that feels a little too real.”

For vegetarians and meat eaters alike, Beyond Meat is an exciting development – a healthy, plant based food product that has the flavor and texture of real meat. Beyond Meat was founded by Ethan Brown and developed by scientists Fu-Hung Hsieh and Harold Huff, who say that they hope to become the market leader in development of plant protein products. Brown says that he hopes to do for the meat world what the car did for the horse and buggy world.

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Via Time Magazine