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“The Bibigloo is both a work of land art, design, light source and a plastic art installation,” writes Bibi of his work. “It is a habitat type polyethylene igloo to replace the 20th century igloo traditionally made of ice. Indeed, following the thawing of the ice, innovative solutions must be found to relocate the Inuit people.”

The Bibigloo (the name is a contraction of Bibi and igloo, in case you were wondering) is 4 meters in diameter and 2.8 meters high, so while it’s meant to be an art installation, it’s big enough to work as an actual shelter too. Red LEDs illuminate the water jugs, casting an eerie glow at night. In all, 250 red 20-liter polyethylene recycled tanks were used to build the freestanding structure.

+ Bibi