Milan Design Week may have officially ended, but there’s a great crop of green designs that are still surfacing. One of our favorites is “The Pedalator”, an awesome bicycle-powered LED lamp spotted by Petz Scholtus over at Treehugger. Designed by Italian-born Gionata Gatto for Atuppertu, the energy-efficient lamp is made from certified wood and is fueled completely by peddle power!

Atuppertu, Gionata Gatto, Bike powered lamp, Salone del Mobile, Milano, Milan Salone 2010, Salone 2010, Milan Design Week, Milan Design FairPhoto by Sergio Carratalá

Gionata Gatto unveiled two lamps that harness kinetic energy from human movement in his “Unplugged” exhibition at this year’s Milan Design Week. The smaller of the two is “The Table Crank”, a lamp that utilizes a hand crank to generate electricity, while the larger design uses energy produced from bike riding. Each lamp requires just four minutes each of cranking or cycling to receive a full 30 minutes of light. The Pedalator is designed to illuminate the stationary bike that it is connected to — the rider will receive some exercise while generating light for reading — all while staying completely off the grid!

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