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Although the line has yet to complete, Lola Madrid has a great video which shows just how they transform each car part into a new element of the bicycles. Salvaged from junkyards, the bikes can be made entirely from one car, or several. Using this scrap metal, each frame is entirely unique, giving riders the pride of having the only bicycle like it.

Some of the upcycled uses are obvious, as car seats become bike seats and handles become handle bars, but other parts are even more inspiring. Lola Madrid strips the car engines of their transmission belts, cutting them down into strips and making them into the bicycle’s chain, which is sure to not get stuck in its gears. The blinking turn signals from each automobile is upcycled into the bike’s safety reflective lights, while other upholstery is woven around the handlebars to make them comfortable for riders.

The inspiring upcycling project is still in the works, but interested parties can sign up to be notified when the one-of-a-kind bikes are available.

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