Danish firm Bjarke Ingels Group together with French studio Silvio d’Ascia Architecture won the design competition for a unique project in Paris, which will contribute a looping metro station to the expansion of the existing transportation system. BIG and Silvio d’Ascia designed the Pont de Bondy station as part of the Grand Paris Express, a stretch which will add 124 miles to the Paris metro system. The station looks like a giant P-shaped loop-de-loop with a pedestrian overpass spanning across a pool of water, running parallel to a vehicular bridge.

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The Pont de Bondy station is planned for Paris’ Line 15, a suburban route that circles the city’s periphery. BIG and Silvio d’Ascia Architecture designed the station in deep terracotta, with a central loop housing a covered concourse. Two wings extend outward from the concourse, forming a right angle, with one stretching out under a flyover and the other holding a pedestrian walkway over a pool of water. Pont de Bondy will be among nine “emblematic stations” on the expanded metro network that elevates public transportation to an art with elaborate modern architecture and sculptural designs.

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Elsewhere in the Paris metro expansion, 10 more new stations are planned and city leaders have so far named six other architects to design those stations; all of that is just for Line 15. In total, there are now 37 teams of architects working on 68 new stations for the Grand Paris Express, marking an epic investment in city infrastructure. The entire Grand Paris Express project, including all new stations and lines, are expected to be up and running by 2030.

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