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A short drive from Kittilä airport, the Lapland area is already an accessible tourist attraction. The new Koutalaki Resort will be situated around a gathering common square.  The new undulating buildings will radiate out from the central area, rising from the snow into arched peaks and down again. Four of these buildings will face different directions, sloping down to allow skiers to ascend and descend over the buildings in any direction. The soft curves of the buildings mimic the mountainous landscape of the already popular ski area.

Beneath the ski slope buildings, the interior glows with a cozy warm light toward the common square area. The sloping roofs extend over the outdoor area, shielding visitors below from harsh winds while still be outdoors. Visitors can ice skate or attend music events on the common square under the protection of the extended eaves.

On ground level, the “streets” cater to skiers, so that they may walk or ski throughout the entire resort village, from café to bar to their rooms. Should they decide on a need for speed, centrally located elevators can take them to the roof to ski down or to stop for a bite at the roof top restaurant.

The truly unique experience creates a connection to the snowy mountainous region, and gives the visitor full enjoyment of winter fun. Koutalaki can also be enjoyed in summer with its verdant green roofs for the ultimate hiking and picnicking experience.

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