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Located in southern Arnhem, ArtA aims to create a highly artistic and culturally charged hub that will stimulate dialogue and innovation in the arts. Completed in collaboration with Allard Architecture, BIG’s unveiled renderings depict a twisted building mass that evokes contrasting characteristics. “ArtA fuses the two traditional architectural archetypes, the Black Box and the White Cube, and creates a gradient of transitional spatial conditions that lends itself to new hybrid programs of art and performance,” described BIG. The building is “at once organic and rational, transparent and solid, unique and flexible, extrovert and introvert.”

In the design proposal, the “Black Box” Film Theater is oriented towards the city while the “White Cube” Art Museum Arnhem faces the river. The twisted building volume creates opportunities for a diagonal arts plaza that connects the ground floor with the rooftop as well as covered public spaces on the street level. One of the twisted building faces will also be glazed to allow copious amounts of natural daylight as well as spectacular views into the museum.


+ Allard Architecture

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Images via BIG