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Tampere Finland, BIG Architects, Bjarke Ingels Group, The Red Line, Ratinanniemi peninsula

BIG’s design for the Ratinanniemi peninsula will bring a waterfront development to the site, with a series of structures of varying elevations forming a modest new skyline for Tampere. Each building will house commercial units on the ground floors, while upper residential units will be provided with access to rooftop gardens established for peaceful green enjoyment of dramatic views. A second area will feature a large, wood-clad, serpentine structure, roughly comprising a wall around a public plaza area.

A continuous path — the Red Line itself — is traced along the waterfront and up over the secondary building, which touches the ground at both ends. The innovative solution provides an unusual public path; along the waterfront it comprises of a broad walk, with harbor baths and saunas, while the path atop the perimeter building provides a hiking and exercise walkway equipped with spaces to stop enjoy the view. The path then loops back through the plaza and the wall-like structure of the building itself, cutting across towards the Ratina Stadium.

As a whole, the unique development of the area provides an integrative public space, where commercial, cultural and residential facilities are seamlessly reinterpreted to allow for appreciation and use of the topography of the both urban and natural environments so as to extend the city of Tampere in such a way as to create a socially involved outdoor arena.


Via ArchDaily

All Images Courtesy of BIG