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Big Yellow Rabbit, Florentijn Hofman, eco art, local materials, sweden, Stor Gul Kanin

Hofman sees the world as his giant playground and many of his installations are large scale replicas of toys and animals set within very public spaces as a way to challenge the concept of public space. By enlarging the scale of the installation, Hofman changes the viewers’ perspectives of both the installation and the space it sits in. In the case of the Big Yellow Rabbit, Hofman placed the sculpture as though it were dropped from the sky, resting naturally against the Engelbrekt monument. Using these deliberate positioning techniques, Hofman seeks to ask, “What is the use and purpose of public space?”

Constructing the cuddly bunny required the help of 25 local craftsman who volunteered for the project. Hofman considers local help an integral part of his installations, so that the people involved feel as though they are a part of the art work. The temporary sculpture was constructed out of locally-manufactured shingles, a wooden armature, concrete and metal. Hofman’s giant bunny will be on display through the festival until the end of September.

Via Designboom

Images ©Lasse Person and Florentijn Hofman