By now you’ve probably seen desktop 3D Printers capable of churning out knick-knacks and tchotchkes – but the new BigRep One 3D printer is capable of printing life-size furniture! The massive fabrication machine has a 45″ by 39″ by 46″ build area, so it can make furniture, sculptures and other objects up to a cubic meter in size out of extruded plastic.

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Inspired by the RepRap Project, BigRep decided to create a blown-up version of the printer fit for the realms of industry and art. BigRep’s founders Marcel Tasler and Lukas Oehmigen come from an art background, and they wanted to develop a printer big enough to create 1:1 scale prototypes. In addition, the BigRep One can fabricate retail-ready products and designer furniture like the stool you see above.

The BigRep printer comes with two extruding heads, and it can create objects with nine different filaments including Laywood and Laybrick, which allow you to print out wooden and sandstone objects. On their website the makers say each printer is a true piece of “German Engineering” that’s laser cut, CNC-milled, and assembled in Berlin.

What’s more, the BigRep 3D printer is aiming to become the most affordable industrial printer around with an asking price of $40,000. The company claims that comparable fabrication machines can run anywhere between $750,000 to over $1,000,000, and a single spool of material can cost $40,000. But with this more affordable price comes some limitations – including a lower print resolution of 100 microns.

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