New York‘s P.S.1 gallery is gearing up for it’s annual Warm Up music festival with a competition to select the outdoor pavilion design that will be the icing on a cake filled with art, tunes and great company. While they did not win this year, BIG Architects definitely brought their A-game. They envisioned the modern museum’s courtyard as a bubbly cloudscape made of recycled PVC that could even be re-recycled into limited edition messenger bags to commemorate the event! While we’re sad that they didn’t win, we love their ideas – read on to see how they planned to turn this lofty summer paradise into a sustainable reality.

“Building something in order to tear it down three months later seems like the epitome of excess and wastefulness,” says BIG in their proposal. Unsatisfied with the typical model of temporary exhibitions, they came up with a structure that “creates maximum impact with a minimum of means, where human life unfolds to the fullest with minimum material expense.” Their cloudscape consists of 99.9% air formed by modular balls that congregate to make areas for sitting, playing, mingling and even swimming! The fabric used to make the cloudscape would be translucent recycled PVC, recovered from recycled truck bed covers and bags.

While the cloud theme would stay consistent throughout the space, it would be divided into three distinct areas – a bubbly dune in the main courtyard, including an air mattress and a paddling pool surrounded by bouncy seating; a 3D cumulus landscape with a covered chill out area of air mattresses and beanbags as well as a shaded bar for staff and guests; and a cluster of free floating cirrus clouds above the dance floor.


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