Andrew Gregg’s Bike Furniture proves that two wheels are better than four even when they’re not spinning. An amateur cyclist, professional bike mechanic and sports photographer, Gregg repurposes steel and aluminum bicycle rims, handlebars and frames into edgy, modern furniture.

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Many designers are inspired by the “found object” but Bike Furniture moves beyond conceptual reuse to bring beauty, strength and comfort. We’re partial to Gregg’s playful geometric table designs filled with elliptical lines. As well as the unapologetic manner that materials are exploited for new purpose.

Gregg started Bike Furniture Design with the original Bike Chair in 1990 and has since evolved to production of tables, bar stools and love seats. Although bike parts are central to the collection, Gregg also pulls discarded components from other transportation industries like glass from train, bus and automobile windows, and surplus seat-belt webbing from car manufacturing.

While all of us hope that bicycles live a long, useful life within the realm of their original purpose, the truth is that many bikes eventually reach the end of their trail. The New York-based Bicycle Collection Network’s Recycle-A-Bicycle (RAB) program estimates that about one fifth of donated bicycles are irreparable and get stripped for parts, which end up at local scrap dealers. RAB has even employed some of the junk generated at their bike shop to develop an industrial design curriculum.

RAB’s initiative is in much the same spirit as what Andrew Gregg has been doing with Bike Furniture Design for the past seventeen years – giving spare parts new life with functional and interesting forms.

Bike Furniture Design
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