A lot of us run on coffee, and what better way to run your coffee shop than with bikes? Kickstand Coffee is a new mobile java shop in New York that is inspired by, transported by and powered completely by bicycles. They set up shop for the first time this past Saturday at McCarren Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and were met with rave reviews.

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The Kickstand crew sets up shop wherever they please to serve great coffee to people in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Looks like they’ve succeeded with a brilliant design that can be hauled around the streets of New York with just two bicycles. The carts each weigh in at 160 pounds and are just wider than a bicyclist’s shoulders, made to fit between the busy traffic of the city. Alternative transportation for an alternative kind of cafe.

Right now they are grinding up beans from Cafe Grumpy and Gimme! Coffee — both NY based roasters — but they hope to expand their selection in the future to other locally roasted brews. Kickstand makes a cold brew coffee and a super-thick cup of drip from the pour-over bar where each coffee is ground and brewed to order. Best of all, all of the energy for the grinders comes from good old fashioned elbow grease — these guys grind all their beans by hand.

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