The Split House is a fantastic new renovation located in Melbourne, Australia, completed by architects BiLD. Taking a typical inter-war period house as a starting point, BiLD replaced various elements of the original house while up-cycling and recycling timbers and other structural elements. Modifying the old fashioned layout, the studio transformed a quaint suburban home into a modern work of sustainable architecture.

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The studio say they focused on introducing more daylight into the house, along with passive ventilation strategies. They based these new alterations referencing the sculptural projects of Gordan Matta-Clarke from the 1970s, in which the artist carved out entire chunks of buildings to give them a new form. BiLD dramatically converted the structure of the building, splitting it down the center to bring more natural light into each of the rooms.

While many of the original features were retained, the kitchen and upper living rooms were replaced, among others. These were then united by the extensive light that now floods the construction. The home also boasts solar water heating and rain water harvesting for the garden.

+ BiLD

Images courtesy of Tmphoto