You can become a backer of one of the coolest space programs in this universe. Bill Nye—yep, The Science Guy—has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fuel The Planetary Society, which will help make Carl Sagan’s space dreams come true. We recently reported on the project to build Sagan’s solar-powered lightsail spaceship, and the launch of this crowdfunding effort means that average, ordinary science-loving citizens can contribute to the next great wave of space exploration. Nye is looking to raise at least $200,000 and a maximum of $1 million to help fund the LightSail, which we imagine is a pretty expensive venture. Contributor levels start at just $1, so it’s time to skip that second cuppa and fork over some spare change—for science. Larger donations will get you honors like autographs of the engineering team, a LightSail team flight jacket, and sending your name into space. How cool is that?

+ Bill Nye’s Kickstarter campaign

Via Mashable 

Image via The Planetary Society