If you love the idea of biodiesel but can’t work out the practicalities- finding fueling stations, fixing up your car, or getting all your bio-fuel questions answered, look no further- BioBling has got you covered. The Southern California-based service connects eco-conscious people to green cars and the clean, renewable fuel to run them. Let them turn your old Mercedes into a lean green automotive machine, or have them hook you up with a biodiesel distributor who will deliver the fuel right to your garage door.

Not only can BioBling convert your car into a biofuel-friendly automobile, they can also “bling” it out with interior decorations from fuzzy dice to plush seats. And if you don’t have a car yet, not to worry- they’ll find one for you, in your area, and within your budget.

Aside from the automotive glamour that BioBling delivers, the real value is their commitment to making biodiesel more widely accessible to the masses. Most biodiesel is made from soy, a renewable and biodegradable source grown in the USA. Compared to traditional fossil fuels, biodiesel produces 78% less emissions than its petroleum-based diesel counterpart.

Check them out and pimp your ride into some green biofuel-friendly wheels…

+ BioBling