FREITAG started as an accessories company making bags out of upcycled truck tarps. It’s a unique story that led directly to where the company is now, with its own sustainable fabric for durable clothing. Maybe you’ve tried sustainable clothing before and found some fabrics to be a bit delicate and thin. This is not that experience.

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Truck tarps piled up in a warehouse to be used

Twenty years after being founded, FREITAG has developed a new kind of biodegradable fabric to make durable but stylish clothing. You can find FREITAG dresses, work pants, button-downs, jumpsuits, t-shirts and more.

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A skirt with a pocket that reads "waste nothing but time"

The designers say they were looking for suitable workwear for their employees but then realized the fabric they wanted didn’t exist. So F-ABRIC was born. It’s a tough, sustainably produced and compostable textile made in Europe.

Two people wearing tan clothes

F-ABRIC is made of hemp, flax and Modal. In addition, the materials grown in Europe require less water than other fibers. Production of the textiles is faster and requires less carbon footprint because everything is grown and made within a 1,553-mile, or 2,500-kilometer, radius of the FREITAG factory in Zurich, Switzerland.

Models showing the clothing in abstract poses

The material is made with minimal chemicals during cultivation and processing, so it achieves Product Class I of the Oeko-Tex Standard. All F-ABRIC textiles are biodegradable, including thread, in order to create a full lifecycle that is sustainable. This material degrades in several months in a compost pile.

We love the work pants and jackets, which look rugged but still stylish. F-ABRIC is unique but lends itself to different forms. The t-shirts are also light and flexible, but the work clothes look ready for a heavy job. Let us know which clothing items appeal to you the most. We can see mixing the vest with a blouse and these one-of-a-kind pants for a nice work-to-evening look.


Images via FREITAG