Imagine a third industrial revolution where sustainable energy and manufacturing set the standards for production of culturally-relevant cars? Maasaica is a concept from BMW that was built in the Serengeti using 3D printing technology, degradable materials and traditional handcraft. The intention with Maasaica was to create a concept that will evoke questions about how to best design a sustainable, locally produced car. Another aim was to question the methods and ideas of the conservative automotive industry. While Massaica doesn’t give all the answers, it is a step in the right direction. As designers we have a great opportunity to influence a product early in the process. However, one can also see it as we have a great responsibility to do our best to design products for a better society. That is what Massaica is about. My main inspiration came from the Maasai culture and new ways of manufacturing. The name Maasaica comes from the Latin word for the lion species in Kenya, Panthera Leo Masaica.

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