Most dogs feel slighted while camping. Humans get fancy, engineered tents to crawl inside and stay warm, cozy, and out of the elements. Some dogs get a bed roll and a toy, but lucky dogs get a luxurious Houndstooth Dogtent made by John Santos, founder of New York-based graphic design studio Common Space. This dogtent is collapsible, made from biodegradable plastic and will make your pup more stylish out-of-doors than you.

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Common Space teamed up with Matt Penrose to compete in the annual design/build camping trip hosted by apparel brand F.S.C..This year’s theme was to design something that took the “roughing” out of “roughing it.” Since dogs are often overlooked in the great outdoors, the Common Space/Penrose design team thought that a a stylish A-frame dog tent would elevate their experience.

The tent pieces come rolled up in a handy satchel. Upon removal, the individual plastic pieces are fitted together to form a houndstooth patterned tent cover, with a smaller houndstooth pattern on the inside. This is then draped over bamboo poles. Did we mention it’s made from biodegradable plastic? Hopefully it will survive a downpour. Check out the pics below to see it put together.

+ Common Space

Via Dwell Blog