A Barcelona startup wants to help regular people harness the power of photosynthesis. Bioo is the world’s first planter that can charge electronic devices like cell phones and tablets, and the company’s Indiegogo campaign has already raised nearly three times the original goal amount – with a month left. The designers at Arkyne Technologies took cues from NASA research to link contemporary design with renewable energy in a way that has us all taking another look at our houseplants.

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Bioo is a funky form of alternative energy that is as practical as it is inspirational. The high-tech planter pot isn’t exactly cheap, at around $135 each plus shipping, but it’s a conversation starter like no other. It looks like a simple, square planter pot, with enough space to grow an average sized houseplant, but it also includes a USB port cleverly disguised as a rock.

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The planter is nearly as smart as your smartphone. The bottom holds all the magical power-generating components (unless you count the greenery itself), which captures elements the plant expels after photosynthesis and transforms them into electricity. The result is a portable, self-sustaining source of power that fits into any home’s decor, and offers up clean energy for as long as your green thumb can keep a plant alive.

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