Kaiserstraße is a new residential building currently under construction in Blumenau, Brazil. The project is designed by Alencar Arquitetura and aims to harness connections between residents and the natural world.

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Birds eye view rendering of the Kaiserstraße building

The project’s name reflects the German colonial influences of the city of Blumenau. In fact, the name derives from the street on which it is based, which was formerly known as Kaiserstraße, or “The Emperor’s Street.” The building’s design appreciates the city’s rich history while reflecting its path to innovation and modernity.

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A long building that is shaped triangularly

On the ground level, the building is entirely open. This allows for public access where pedestrians can interact. Visitors get to experience the building and get a feel for what the building is like to live in without entering the private spaces. They experience materiality of different textures, particularly the contrast of exposed concrete and natural vegetation. This gives the project a modern feel, whilst invoking a connection to nature. Moreover, the building features a stepped design with terraces that overlook the city. Through the building’s form, the designers ensured that each level would receive copious amounts of sunshine and natural airflow.

Renderings of Kaiserstraße building from the side and a close up of the balcony gardens

Each apartment features balconies with a private pool and lush gardens. This vegetation enhances biodiversity in the neighborhood and the area overall. Additionally, these terrace gardens create a microclimate on every level that mitigates the urban heat island effect. This effect occurs when infrastructure, such as buildings or roads, replaces greenery and land cover in urban areas. The infrastructure tends to absorb and re-emit a lot of heat, which results in pockets of heat called “heat islands.”

Besides its residential spaces, the building includes amenities for interaction and recreation. These include a gym, a toy library and a large private garden for residents, which features a playground and outdoor culinary space.

Worms eye and birds eye close ups of the Kaiserstraße building's balcony gardens

Because of its beautiful, environmentally-friendly design, Kaiserstraße has become internationally recognized and has become the first building in the city of Blumenau to win an Architizer Award. The project received the award in the residential category for apartment buildings with less than 10 floors.

Kaiserstraße’s construction is underway and will finish in 2024. The building will enhance the area by contributing an innovative, sustainable space to the urban fabric.

+ Alencar Arquitetura

Images via Alencar Arquitetura