Some things in our society are completely over-designed (how many handbags does one person need?) Other things are so solemn that design is rarely, if ever, considered. Rituals surrounding death fall into the latter category.

Although it happens to everyone at some point, there is not a wide variety of choices out there when it comes down to dealing with human remains. That’s why the Bios Urn is such a thoughtful idea.

Designed by the Azuamoline duo, (Martin Ruiz de Azua and Gerard Molin?) the Bios Urn is a container for cremated ashes, made from compacted coconut shells, organic fertilizer and tree seedlings. As the container biodegrades, a seed will sprout, recycling you or your loved one back into the circle of life.

According to designer Azua:

Death always comes and somehow it has to be designed. The actual ritual is old-fashioned and also increases space problems in large cities.

In theory, the Bios Urn would allow graveyards to be turned back into forest over time.
Unfortunately, this design is still just a concept and not out on the market yet, as far as I can tell. Hopefully crematoriums and funeral parlors will make this option available in the near future.

Via Product Dose