The act of honoring a loved one after they have passed away is unique for each family, and there has been more and more interest in finding alternative ways to memorialize a family member’s life. Bios Urns seek to transform death into a moving gesture of life by using cremated remains to nourish a seedling that will sprout into a tree.

CEO Roger Moliné recently gave an interview to A Plus, in which he shared a story of his grandmother discovering a deceased bird and burying it reverently with seeds she had on hand. “That action, or better said, that reaction is what inspired the Bios Urn. A product that could use the remains of someone or something that passed away, and convert it into a new form of life,” he reported.

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The structure of the urn itself took a few years of engineering and fine-tuning, yet the finished product proves to be a simple procedure of adding cremated remains to the bottom cylinder and sliding in the top portion, which is soil and vermiculite mixed with the seed of your choice. So far, Bios has sold tens of thousands of its urns to people over four different continents. The website highlights several testimonials of those who have been touched by the urn’s ability to heal. As Moliné describes, Bios has found “the strength to replace a cemetery with a forest.”

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